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For more than three decades, Dr. Ellison has been serving the needs of community members in helping them to live their best life. At The Chiropractor at Castlebury, he specializes in customized care plans for everyone in the family. From caring for newborns to seniors, he has the tools, knowledge and experience to help even the most challenging cases.

A Desire to Help Others

“My goal has always been to help others. There’s far too much needless suffering in the world. The body isn’t designed to be ‘sick.’ Its inherent design is to promote wellness. I love being a part of seeing people have their health restored. It’s my goal to have them maintain that sense of well-being for the rest of their lives—and their children’s lives as well.”

Chiropractic Was His Destiny

Dr. Ellison grew up in a chiropractic family; his dad was a talented chiropractor. “I knew nothing other than the chiropractic lifestyle and knew that it always kept our family healthy and happy. ”

While in college, Dr. Ellison worked for his dad as a chiropractic assistant. He helped with various therapeutic modalities and often took on front-desk duties. “I saw so many people come in with chronic, devastating issues. I also watched them recover and return to an active life by balancing their nervous system. Chiropractic was often the last resort. This made me feel a bit sad, as I know so many of these patients had made the typical journey from doctor to doctor with no results. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor.”

Irrational Passion

Dr. Ellison is passionate about natural health care and living a natural lifestyle. He walks his talk. Healthy eating habits are part of his everyday existence. He promotes a positive mental attitude and exercises every day. As he says, “I live the life that I teach.”

He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in Southern California in 1991. Since that time, he’s taken numerous postgraduate courses on wellness strategies.

Dr. Ellison is also certified in pediatric chiropractic and Activator Methods®. He’s also done extensive study in auto accident specialization with an emphasis on whiplash injury.


Chiropractic Assistant

Within our walls, Jen is our amazing Billing Specialist and Office Manager with 16 years of experience. Outside of our office, Jen is a wife of 28 years, a mother of 4, grandmother of 2 and fur mama to 3 fur babies. Jen is passionate about serving the patients of our office and is always willing to go the extra mile to help remove financial and other subluxations so that patients can stay focused on their health journey. Jen enjoys being with her family and grandkids, spending time outdoors and cooking meals together.

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