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Ellison Family Chiropractic Personal Injury and Wellness Care in Eagle

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of personal injury or a car accident injury? Look no further than Ellison Chiropractic! Our caring staff aids thewellness care Eagle, Meridain and Boise community to meet all of your health and wellness needs including use of the Activator Method ® of adjustments, massage therapy, pediatric care and the Ideal Protein protocol weight loss program.

Eagle Chiropractor Offers the Latest Services & Techniques for Your Wellness

The chiropractic lifestyle is a dynamic, integrative approach to healing. Whether you are simply ready to realign total health, recover from a car accident injury, personal injury or wanting to tackle weight loss, our chiropractor will develop a plan to suit your personal needs. We offer services to meet everyone's goals for health at our Meridian office.

Do you have children? They're never too young to begin experiencing the many pediatric benefits our chiropractor, Dr. Ellison, can offer. Even from infancy, chiropractic care assists in the changes your growing child experiences. Is your child experiencing growing pains or are they involved in sports? Pediatric chiropractic techniques can help reduce colic, improve sleeping patterns, reduce the discomfort of growing pains, improve immune system defenses during cold and flu season, help prevent injuries and promote recovery from sports related injuries.

Another service we focus on is pain relief from car accident injury and other injuries. Nobody expects to be in an accident, but when we are, it affects all aspects of our well-being. Let our Ellison Chiropractic get you back on your feet and back to an active, healthy lifestyle. Offering an integrative approach to recovery, we blend postural spinal alignment using the dynamic Activator Method ® with massage therapy to help you heal.

Chiropractic adjustments with the Activator Method ® are gentle, yet effective. Adjustments help re-establish communication between muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues to help the spinal column align while relieving discomfort and pain. Dr. Ellison uses the Activator Method ® adjustments to remove interference from the nervous system; thereby, reestablishing proper communication between the brain and the body. This helps the surrounding spinal muscles, soft tissues and joint spaces to cooperate with one another. When you have sustained a car accident injury, you may consider seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible to prevent more harmful injuries and to begin a treatment plan right away.

In addition to the techniques and therapies we offer, we also help our patients with weight management. Many diet fads come and go, but we recommend theIdeal Protein protocol, which is based on the sound principle of nutritional science. Our caring staff will counsel you on dynamic dietary changes and exercise programs that will help with weight management and beyond.

Ellison Chiropractic is Eagle Idaho's trusted source for total wellness. We are dedicated to offering you and the entire family a growing array of services to meet your personal health goals. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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